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Alyona Judina "Immerse in Wilderness, Ignite Creativity"

10 November - 10 December 2023 

MASA studija


Modern people, caught up in the rush and bustle of the city, and living in consumer society, often forget that our planet is made up of more than just concrete, glass, and plastic. They can not enjoy nature and ignore the simple delights of the surroundings. Many individuals feel that happiness is found in money, expensive things, and material wealth, dismissing the beauty of the environment around them and being unable to appreciate simple things like the smell of flowers, the rustling of leaves, or the chirping of birds.


Alyona Yudina finds immense joy and peace in leisurely walks around the neighborhood. She passionately believes that through the process of creative meditation and reflection, a person begins to observe every nuance of the surrounding world. This increased awareness shows the beauty hidden in the ordinary: an ancient tree trunk covered in rough embossed bark, or a family of wild mushrooms standing in serene harmony on magnificent turquoise moss. Every walk reveals something new; nature's eternal transformations inspire the artist to interpret its beauty in an abstract technique, finding consolation in the repetition of patterns and textures.


The forest is a rich, diverse world, a constantly changing living organism, a place of peace and solitude, a symbol of natural beauty and purity. Artist Alyona Judina draws inspiration from the unique shapes, bright colors, and variety of textures of the Mežaparks forest and Lake Ķīšezers. Her paintings evoke a sense of adventure and excitement, while installations help immerse yourself even deeper into the artist’s creative world and embark on an expedition down unexplored paths of familiar places.


Alyona's creative path began with vivid childhood memories that awakened her passion for art. Her aunt's whimsical garden and art history books given to Alyona by her mother were her sources of inspiration. From doll making and bag sewing to digital painting, the artist has experimented with numerous kinds of creative expressions. Her desire for tangible art supplies and the freedom of emotive brush strokes, lead her to discover her true creative passion in painting on canvas.


  • The exhibition can be viewed until December 10 at Elizabetes iela 67

  • From Thursday till Friday 14:00-20:00

  • From Saturday till Sunday 12:00-20:00


We will be glad to see you at the exhibition and will be happy to tell you more about the project!

Exhibition curator – Ksenija Afanasjeva

Art catalogue


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