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Art & Fashion interactive show

15 December 2023 

MASA studija


"Art&Fashion" is an interactive show where clothes and the body become a canvas for the artist.  Images from paintings will come to life and go beyond the frames, decorating outfits and becoming accessories. The goal of the project is to support the creative movement of artists, designers and photographers.


The project starts next year in February, but the pre-show event will be held on December 15.

The concept:

  • Fashion show 

Famous artists turn clothes into works of art. You will see a show of an exclusive collection created in collaboration between designers and artists, as well as using artificial intelligence.

  • Performance

You will have the opportunity to become part of the creative process and create a painting on clothing right during the event. As well as learn about modern clothing production technologies.

  • Art exhibition

At the exhibition will be presented collections of works by famous artists. Visitors will be able to interact with the artists and purchase exclusive paintings, photographs and jewelry.


Project team:

Art director & designer Jelena Mihailova

Fashion producer Olesia Kuznetsova

Photographer Aleksandrs Maļinovskis

Videographer Olga Pastukhova

SMM manager Aļona Judina


Project participants:

Dags Vidulejs

Vladimirs Pavlovs

Nikolajs Krivošeins

Dmitrijs Lavrentjevs

Lelde Braķe-Klaverī

Anita Indāre

Irina Trumpel

Rodions Šehovcovs

Olga Zuravljova

Aļona Judina

Eduard Popovskis



With the support of MASA studija and Alesia Smith Model Camp.

Photos made by Ekaterina Piskunova


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