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New exhibition of the “Art&Fashion” project

9 February- 9 March, 2024

MASA studija


From February 9th to March 8th of the current year, the exhibition "Art&Fashion" is being showcased at the "MASA studija" gallery, as part of a multidisciplinary project that brings together painters, sculptors, jewelers, and photographers under one roof. The project aims to support the creative movement of artists by providing them with a platform for inspiration and interaction.

The "Art&Fashion" exhibition aims to demonstrate how clothing and the female body become canvases for artistic expression. Within the project, artworks and jewelry pieces by the 21 participants are presented, along with the project's outcomes - dresses that each artist adorns according to their own vision of the female image.

Creative meetings (lectures, musical evenings, performances) will be held every Thursday throughout the month. There will be a closing ceremony on March 9th, and after the end of the exhibition, there will be a large art show featuring paintings, costumes, and accessories created by the project's participants. We will announce the venue and detailed information later.

Project participants:
Dags Vidulejs
Nikolajs Krivošeins
Dmitrijs Lavrentjevs
Lelde Braķe-Klaverī
Anita Indāre
Irina Trumpel
Rodions Šehovcovs
Olga Žuravljova
Aļona Judina
Eduard Popovskis
Vladimirs Pavlovs
Ģirts Boronovskis
Baiba Ābelīte
Ilze Preisa
Eduard Zentsik
Ilona Abiļeva
Maija Muižniece
Valerij Makovoj
Anita Ance Bruņeniece
Matīss Daudziņš

Art catalogue

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