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19 – 08 September 2023 

Latvijas Dzelzceļa vēstures muzejs


From September 19 to 24, the annual international art fair ART RIGA FAIR 2023 will take place for the ninth time.
Art gallery MASA studija and 60 other artists, classical and contemporary art galleries from Germany, France, Ukraine, Lithuania, Estonia, USA will be represented at the event.
The art fair will take place in the Latvian Railway History Museum.

Artists presented by MASA:

Maria Pranka
Maria is imprinting emotions on surfaces for 15+ years. After letting go of academic boundaries and cooperating with liquid media essence she discovered an abstract style. She says: "Because it is much more about my true emotions, the shortcut from my nature to the viewer. Only by expressing myself right onto the canvas can I tell my true story, what I am feeling right now or what I feel constantly. And this is the place where you can find yourself poured on a canvas by me. If you heard that click inside - don't hesitate, take that piece now."

Julia Zeleznaka
True art, according to Julia’s thoughts, is always related to intense emotions, what comes from the heart, and represents the spirit of the time, and the author's experiences. For the artist, painting is a form of psychotherapy and a way to express feelings that cannot be expressed in other ways. Transferring emotions and experiences onto canvas is a method of living, reflecting and preserving a memory.

Inta Gloda
A painter with over 10 years of experience in the art field. She explores the intricate language of visual art, integrating various aspects of her studies and creative journey in the illustrative poster-like depictions of nature, animals, and seemingly familiar places. The artist expresses fascination with the mystical experiences in preliterate societies, ancient mythologies, and the paradoxical and exciting aspects of the human psyche, and encourages free interpretation, which provides a new layer to the stories told by the paintings and develops the interplay of light and reflections with viewer's own unique meaning.

Eduards Tutiņš
A young artist currently living and working in Rīga, has participated in multiple personal and group exhibitions. He creates using numerous styles, drawing inspiration from everything he sees. Tutiņš embraces experimentation and incorporates elements of surrealism, literature, and contemporary art into his creations.

Victor Massacre
Professional tattooist and sculptor. For the past 9 years, he has been painting and transforming people. Because tattooing was prohibited during COVID, he resorted to sculpture. Victor presents us Ancient Greek sculptures in a new light, blended with contemporary art. This style immediately gained followers; his sculptures are sold and exhibited all over the world and now they are shown at the Art Riga Fair!

Alice Dancer (France)
French student specializing in ceramics at the Annecy Fine Arts School. The work shown at the Art Riga Fair was created during a semester of study at the Art Academy of Latvia, with a focus on archaeology. Alice enjoys working in ceramics because it allows her to make beautiful, sculptural, and utilitarian things with her own hands. This expression not only makes her happy but it also improves her confidence and gives her a sense of accomplishment.


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