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Evolution of Art: Robot Artist and Artificial Intelligence

31 August  –  03 September 2023 

MASA art gallery


The PaintbyRobot exhibition-performance “Evolution in Art: Robot Artist and Artificial Intelligence” has opened its doors at the MASA Contemporary Art Gallery to engage the public in a discussion about themes that have just lately become relevant. The exhibition will be open for four days, from August 31 to September 3.


The “Titanium” lifestyle magazine recently wrote about the PaintbyRobot project. The magazine editor asked the robot to create a self-portrait as part of the "In Search of AI" plot, and the result was quite intriguing. We invite you to become acquainted with the painting in the catalogue.

Art is a difficult term to define. Art is considered to be a figurative comprehension of reality, the process and outcome of the expression of the inner and outward worlds. Today, with the advent of robot’s artists and artificial intelligence, this concept has become even more intricate.

The exhibition-performance is a collection of works by a robot artist and creative projects created with the help of artificial intelligence. Each work is a unique creation that reflects the possibilities of technology and the creative potential of the artist.

One of the main features of the exhibition is the creation of a quadriptych by a robot artist right during the exhibition. Every day, the robot will draw one part of a quadriptych generated by artificial intelligence based on a previously conducted survey. The audience was asked the question "what should a robot be able to draw?" and people wrote their answers in the comments on social networks. By randomly choosing 12 words, the AI generates one of 4 paintings that will be put together at the end of the exhibition.

The exhibition-performance raises many questions: can paintings created by a robot be called art? What is the role of human in the symbiosis of art and technology? Can AI replace human artists? Why the robot artist is important and in demand?

At the end of the exhibition on Sunday at 16:00, the curator of the project Anastasia Alekseeva will hold a discussion during which we, along with the audience, will hunt for answers amid the boundless possibilities of technology. Following that, a silent auction of the painting obtained as a result of the performance and the paintings previously created by the robot will be held.

The exhibition-performance "Evolution in Art: Robot Artist and Artificial Intelligence" will last 4 days, and every day visitors will be able to see how AI interacts with the robot and helps it make creative decisions in the process of creating a picture.

At the opening event on August 31, from 18:00 to 22:00, it will be possible to meet with the creators of the project Vadim Vakaryuk and Natia Vakaryuk.

Art catalogue


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