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There are only three moods: white, black and golden

20 July 2023 – 10 September 2023 

Nosaints bar, Rīga


The author's works were created in the moment when the physical world began to dissonance with the spirit, creating chaos in the body - in all of the artworks both sides are reflected in black and white, searching for balance. We all have light and darkness within, but the way we choose to see the world is up to us.

This contrast accompanies the author like a heartbeat, going up, seeing everything in white tones, then falling, seeing only darkness, and sometimes also being settled in the middle, seeing life as empty and gray. But still, the golden elements that separate these two worlds shines with elegance reflecting all the beauty within this chaos along the way. Lines, blocks, contrasts are the elements that helps to find peace and calmness in continuous rush;

In the psychology of colors, black represents elegance, power, also anger and sadness; white represents purity, light and peace, while gold indicates wealth and sophistication, and, according to the author, together creating timeless art piece that will fit in and brighten up any space.

Golden canva art catalogue

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