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Julia Zeleznaka "Reproductions of 19th- century masters and my originals"

05 October - 12 November 2023 

Nosaints hidden bar, Riga


Along with Julia's original paintings, the exhibition will include a series of reproductions of well-known artists like Van Gogh, Gauguin, Cézanne, and Modigliani.

A gifted artist, Julia Zeleznaka blends a contemporary perspective on the world with the traditional painting school's aesthetics in her works. Julia is a student at Ludmila Perets Art School and currently is experimenting with an alternate artistic style. Her artworks are astounding in their' technique, emotion, and depth. The exhibition offers us the chance to delve into the realm of 19th-century art at the "Nosaints" bar - a stylish place in Riga's center.

A fun fact: the show is housed in a building that was constructed in the 19th century and yet maintains its original appearance.

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