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Arsenija Ivanova personālizstāde

2022. gada 24. decembris - 2023. gada 8. janvāris
Elizabetes iela 2A, Rīga


"Arseny’s works are a dream of wandering American hippie from the 60s, drawn by a French sci-fi artist from the 70s about what is happening now.”

The artist’s style takes the viewer to a parallel dimension, where the air is lighter, the gravity is weaker, the colors are brighter, and most characters are in a state of deep introspection, their feelings are manifested in the environment”. They do not communicate with the observer, but look somewhere atop, not interested in what is happening outside the picture. Arseny often appears in his own artworks . We can see him sleeping surrounded by his household items in a tangled Dream Classic,his metaphorical combat tactics in The Cold Chronicles as well as morning anticipation, a strong sense of connection with the outside world in Life Force.


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