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This work is a reflection on the topic of flesh as a biochemical substance from which living beings and humans are composed. Flesh as matter to which any person is a subject, has its own will. It is in a constant process of transformation - it is born, grows, blooms, ages, gets sick, dies, decomposes, and goes into nothingness. The endless chaotic dance of atoms and molecules in nature, the card deck shuffling, the swing tirelessly rocking back and forth the innumerable biomass in the vast expanses of the Universe.


Alina Burlakova in her works catches metamorphoses of a constantly changing evolving world, where digitalized life and meta-reality affect us mentally and psychologically. Paradoxes and absurd things constantly lead her to reflection and excitement. The vanity and volatility of life, its opposing seriousness, and unimportance is where the post-irony enters the stage. In her works, she is balancing between making a serious statement and ironizing about it.

Alina Burlakova "Biomass"

3 000,00 €Cena
Izņemot Nodoklis |
  • 2023

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