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Following the start of the war, I had second thoughts about certain kid-friendly activities and military-themed festivals where kids dress up like soldiers. Holidays in Russia are typically spent with kids running around and climbing on tanks as everyone laughs and snaps photos. The new required classes in Russian secondary schools, "Talking about important things," seem like a calamity that will definitely negatively affect the coming generation. It is impossible to enjoy utilizing military hardware, to celebrate war in front of youngsters, or to act as though there is some positive aspect to all of this. The child must be taught self-defense techniques, even if they involve using a weapon, and must never be encouraged to use violence or aggressive behavior by using poetic or less poetic language to defend it.

 “...Folding pistols from pink fingers.
 They've not yet heard anything concerning death.
 The cub imitates an adult animal by exposing his fangs in the same manner.Your children will be executed or hanged for refusing to participate in a combat operation. This cub will desire to eat and will alter the number of fallow deer." 


— quotes from a poem written by Artem Karamdin, who was tortured by police enforcement and imprisoned for seven years in exchange for his artistic expression. These phrases sum up my painting exactly.


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Izņemot Nodoklis |
  • 2024

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