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Sebastyan Yelles pop-up exhibition "Empty structure" in Avotu gallery

From December 20, 2022 till December 22, 2022 at Avotu iela 34b

The artist with the pseudonym Sebastyan Yelles has recently come from Tbilisi to visit his homeland and to present his exhibition called “Empty structure”. He regards art as a complex of tasks. Considers himself a classic visual artist, because thinks that conceptual art or ideological art has already outlived its usefulness.

Sebastyan regularly conducts educational lectures about the silence and inner inspiration that manifests itself in the existence of the composition or the search for it.

“Art is not complicated. It's complex. We have no solution to describe the distance to empty space. There are no empty spaces. Each letter is describing the page. Every art object is starting from canvas, page or space. Using your imagination. There are no illusions. Emptiness, or so called 'emptiness' just prefers to be white or black. Exhibition Empty structure is contacting with individual by black and white colors. Come and describe yourself by interior or exterior point of you.”



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