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Veronikas Rondīnes personālizstāde "Katram ir nepieciešams orgasms"

23. janvāris - 29. janvāris 2023. gada
Avotu galerijā, Avotu ielā 34b


Veronica Rondine creates erotic portraits and calls herself an orgasmic artist. In her works, Veronika reveals the theme of female sexuality and the relationship of a woman with her body.

“I portray the female body, as it is the most beautiful thing on the planet.”

Veronica often uses brushes and paint instead of words, as some feelings cannot be translated into letter format. The artist accumulates these emotions in herself, and when they reach their apotheosis, in ecstasy, Veronika pours paint onto the canvas, conveying her mood in the moment with shades and shapes. This exhibition is a kind of artist's diary: her thoughts, memories, relationships, which she is ready to share and give us a little bit of herself.


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