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This work began as an experiment. With shapes, materials, techniques. Without any idea or concept, it was simply a sandbox, bounded only by the edges of the canvas – everything else was allowed. Trying out different materials – inks, acrylics, plastics, gels, various textures – layer by layer, a free and unconstrained composition emerged.


Unconstrained, except for color. At some point, I realized that this painting should be monochromatic. Just shades of gray and nothing more. Contrast, texture, form, but no work with color. The upper, perfectly white part was carefully covered in the studio to prevent dust or drops of paint from accidentally getting onto it while working on other paintings. When work on it was almost finished, suddenly I understood that what was initially a free and unconstrained painting had become an embodiment of rigid boundaries and my inner conflict, brought about by the clash between the desire for free creativity and the rules I had set for myself.


This conflict resolved itself as a bright pink spot in that same safeguarded and pristine perfectly white section. Violating boundaries, establishing one’s own rules, mischief, and the “of course, it’s not me” cocky thought – that’s what this painting is about.


480,00 €Price
Excluding VAT |
  • 2023

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