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Inta Gloda's personal exhibition in HEX cocktail bar

From March 2, 2023 till April 9, 2023 at Elizabetes iela 2a

Inta Gloda is Riga-based artist, who strives to capture the vibrancy and ever-changing expressions of the natural world. Connecting painting with reflection and experiences, the artist invites you to dive into a journey fueled by never-ending curiosity and awe.

Exhibited paintings depict fragments of life – their content is partly realistic, partly mystical; one can encounter both plein air painted nature scenes and surreal compositions, as well as conflicting results of the interaction of different worlds. Artist invites to feel that very thin border where subsists the dream and reality ambivalence, when both are merged in a strangely balanced composition.

An important role is played by how the picture grows with new memories, feelings, and dimensions - the author expresses the opinion that the work of art serves as a link between the viewer and the artist and allows you to reach another person's reality and extend it. When seen, perceived, heard and discussed, a work of art, just like a piece of colored glass in a kaleidoscope it transforms by the influence of perception. Conversations and thoughts generated by the work are a crucial aspect of the works. The multi-layeredness of different experiences and emotions creates new facets and points of contact with every part of the soul inhabiting the work.

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