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Richards Plinta’s sculpture collection

20 April 2023 – 21 May 2023 

In the Nosaints hidden bar, Rīga


We invite you to enjoy Richards Plinta's new realistic sculpture collection, in which the author explores the sensuality of women's bodies and their utterly distinct shapes.

The artistic path of Richards Plinta is characterized by the desire to learn and get to know different materials, starting with woodworking, continuing with oil painting and finally turning to modeling and making molds. This exhibition includes sculptures of the females' and men's bodies. Representation of objects in different colors gives the sculptures decorativeness, while at the same time giving each of them its expression and personality. The author so focuses on the uniqueness and beauty of each body, emphasizing its distinct characteristics through the use of high-quality acrylic resin.

Richards Plinta’s sculpture catalogue


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