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About us

MASA studija is an art gallery and cultural space in the heart of Riga, serving as a meeting point for art lovers and a venue for cultural and entertainment events. People come here to discover the depth and eternal value of art, to get away from the daily routine, and to recharge in a sophisticated, artistic environment.

We aim to provide a space not only for artistic self-expression and project realization but also for attending engaging events, thus fostering local cultural awareness. MASA studija hosts art exhibitions, music concerts, performances, educational lectures, creative workshops, and more.

Projects are also implemented outside of the cultural space to offer a broader audience an alternative view of contemporary art.

MASA has a story

In May 2020 was started project under the name Con-Non-Con. There in the 316 m2 premises on the territory of the former factory, we held our first group exhibition. For the whole summer of 2020, three large events took place there with impressive installations, paintings, sculptures and media-art. In total participated 71 artists, including Kristians Brekte, Karine Paronyanc, Jegor Buimister and other significant artists from Latvia, Russia, Estonia and Cyprus.

After that we took a break and returned with a new name MASA studija and relocated to other premises. Since October 8, 2021 : 

Since February 10, 2023, MASA studija relocated to the new premises and established the cultural space, which includes an exhibition hall-art gallery and space for holding cultural, educational, and private events. In addition, we provide workplaces for local craftsmen.


 It is not a coincidence that we settled in a historic building erected in 1881 and designed by the architect Victor de Grabe. The house is built in an eclectic style, which combines some elements of various architectural historical directions. The interior of MASA studija is also created following the philosophy of eclecticism, harmoniously combining the styles of three generations in one space.

At that moment we are collaborating with:

Meet  MASA studija supervisor

Ksenija Afanasjeva - founder and supervisor of "MASA studija". She is an enthusiast for her work and has big plans for the local art community. She learns by observing other people's actions, studying their experiences, and using her own mistakes as a learning tool. Ksenija's mission is to create a place where people can find opportunities to express themselves and implement their projects, as well as develop local cultural awareness by guiding people to look for the eternal in art. 

"I tried painting myself, but I couldn't let go and give in to the flow, I'm pretty rational and I find it difficult to express emotions in such an abstract way. At the same time, there are artists gifted with talent, who need support and help in self-development. After realizing this, I made the decision to establish a platform where artists could freely exhibit their artwork and share their messages with the public. This is how my art project began, but after moving the art gallery to a new location, I started organizing educational activities in addition to art exhibitions since I feel it is essential to benefit society as a whole." 

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