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Elizaveta Povysheva 

18 January - 3 March 2023 

Nosaints bar


This exhibition is dedicated to art that can overcome language and cultural barriers and that can serve as a mediator between diverse groups of society.

Elizaveta Povysheva is a Russian political refugee. In 2022, when she moved to Latvia, the period of the artist's "political" paintings began, although she does not consider them political. Elizaveta tells about herself and those around her, her paintings are unique and able to surprise every viewer.

Elizaveta says: “Soon after arriving in Latvia in April 2022, I went to a bar for the first time, with the thoughts "they didn't like Russians here anyway, now, probably even more", I was afraid of communication. Two men sat down with me - an American and a German. When they asked why I came to the bar in such a mood, I shared my story. They supported me and advised me to tell this story to everyone. And so began my period of "political" paintings, although I myself do not consider them political.”

My first encounter with the political situation occurred at the time when Navalny was poisoned. Then I started to worry quite a lot and follow the news, and all my relatives dissuaded me from participating in activities, such as rallies. During the unrest and rallies related to his return, I was illegally detained. "Obviously, I didn't participate in anything, I was just walking with a friend. Everyone should understand this, it's so obvious," I thought at that moment when the judge announced the sentence - 12 days. The first half of the term was spent on adrenaline, and the second half was in a depression. But the main thing that I realized then is that there are a lot of people like me.

When the war started, I almost immediately moved to Latvia and soon received refugee status. This exhibition describes my journey from those events to the present.

I am grateful to the European Union and Latvia for the protection they provided, which I couldn't find in my homeland."

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