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Krivošeins, Pavlovs, Zeleznaka

Art Salon "Revival"

March 28 - May 26, 2024

MASA studija


The gallery and cultural space MASA studija proudly presents the first in a series of art salons, a group exhibition titled "Revival," scheduled to run from March 28 to May 26, 2024.

The concept of this new project is inspired by the history of the Parisian art salons of the 19th century, where artists of various levels and styles convened to exhibit their latest works, thus propelling innovative ideas to the art society. Group exhibition "Revival" aims to provide a source of inspiration and support, showcasing artworks that symbolize hope, renewal, and a fresh perspective on the world amidst contemporary challenges.

The concept of awakening in art is subject to a multitude of interpretations. For some, it may represent images of blooming flowers as symbols of new beginnings, while for others, it could reflect societal changes or personal reevaluation, reminiscent of the Renaissance. The "Revival" exhibition invites visitors to delve into these diverse interpretations, offering a respite from daily concerns and the opportunity to reconsider the enduring role of art in inspiring hope and change.

The exhibition will feature a collection of works by 13 artists, each sharing their unique vision on the theme. The curator's intent also reflects in creating harmony by placing the works of recognized masters in the art sphere alongside those of individuals who have only recently embarked on their creative journey. Guests of the exhibition will have the opportunity to observe how art manifests the resilience of human nature, the innate belief in a brighter future, and the ability to adapt and learn.

The opening of the "Revival" exhibition will take place on March 28, from 18:00 to 22:00 at Elizabetes iela 67, during the Riga Last Thursdays gallery evening, and will be complemented by an acoustic performance by talented students from JMRMV, Daria Kildiša, and Arīna Auziņa at 19:00.

Project participants: Svetlana Griskovec-Kiisky, Karine Paronyanc, Nikolajs Krivišeins, Vladimirs Pavlovs, Olga Sarukhanova, Julia Zeleznaka, Svetlana Chertkova, Hugo Zauerhagens, Katrīna Tračuma, Elizaveta Povysheva, Olga Golovko, Sandra Osīte, Inta Gloda

Exhibition curator – Ksenija Afanasjeva

Gallery hours:

Thursday-Saturday 14:00-20:00

Sunday 12:00-18:00

Art catalogue


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