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Art Salon "Worn Dreams"

July 11 - October 13, 2024

MASA studija


The “Worn Dreams” is a continuation of the series of art salons inspired by the concept of 19th-century Paris art salons and will be presented in the “MASA studija” art gallery from July 11 to October 13, 2024.

As in previous exhibition, many artists will gather to display their latest works according to the chosen theme. In the spirit of tradition, the works will be placed close to each other, in many rows, creating the impression of a unified artistic puzzle.

“Worn Dreams” explores the multifaceted nature of human desires and dreams, capturing their evolution, transformation, and impact on individuals and society. This theme is particularly relevant in today’s fast-paced world, where the pursuit of aspirations often leads to unexpected outcomes and a deeper reflection on personal and collective values.

Bringing together 12 artists from various countries and stylistic backgrounds, the curator harmoniously unites their works under one roof. The participating artists range from well-established figures in the art world to emerging talents at the beginning of their creative journeys. The exhibition features a diverse array of media, including metal sculptures, paintings, photographs, graphic art, jewelry, and performances.

The art salon offers a broad spectrum of interpretive possibilities on the theme, inviting viewers to reflect on experiences such as unfulfilled or misinterpreted dreams and desires, long-term struggles for aspirations that have lost their initial allure, and the melancholic nostalgia associated with transformed or abandoned dreams. The exhibition also touches on critiques of materialism and excessive consumer culture, suggesting how desires and illusions can be worn out or lost once material goals are achieved. These interpretations are merely ideas, guiding the audience into the world created by the artists, leaving the final understanding open to personal reflection.

Throughout the duration of the exhibition, the cultural space will host weekly creative and musical events, further enriching the immersive experience.

Artists: Kristians Brekte, Aleksandrs Nesterjuks, Andriy Klishyn (Ukraine), Alīna Burlakova, Viola Karule, Ieva Zinere, Reinis Baumanis, Eduards Tutiņš, Sergejs Studzinskis & Maija Antipova, Dāvis Paulis, Elya Asadullaeva, Zoja Golubeva.

Curator: Ksenija Afanasjeva

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