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Sunlight and Shadows with Pumpkin 81X56CM 2023.jpg

Andrejs Ko "Blackbird’s Meal in a Sunlit Garden"

June 20 - August 11, 2024

Nosaints bar


The exhibition "Blackbird’s Meal in a Sunlit Garden" presents only a small fraction of the series of 160 paintings created over the last two years. Andrejs Ko has dedicated his latest cycle of still lifes to warm summer evenings and the morning sunlight that moves across the walls and the uneven curves of objects, hides among the foliage, and gradually dissolves into tender halftones bordering on the shade. The old teapot, a silver spoon, berries, and fruits – it seems someone has either forgotten or intentionally left them in the garden for the delight of hungry birds.

A sunny day is like a gift from a short summer – all of us are entwined in its warm embrace, and hope for happiness is reborn even in the most northern hearts.

Andrejs Ko’s paintings are like memories of moments filled with the calm and harmony of silent places, where one can escape from the bustle and everyday concerns. For a moment, the shadows of the foliage stand still, and you never know whether the evening air has fallen quiet between gusts of wind or time has stopped in a revelation of secret beauty. It resembles a sunny garden from childhood dreams, where it is always warm and cozy, where you want to return to your thoughts to find support and rejuvenation.

About the artist:

Andrejs Ko (real name Andrejs Dinvalds) was born in 1970 in Riga. Since 2009, he has been living and working in Great Britain. He graduated from Janis Rozentāls Art High School and the Art Academy of Latvia. The painter has held five solo exhibitions and participated in many group exhibitions. Andrejs Ko’s works are held in private collections and galleries worldwide.

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