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SMOKY SUNDAY_ DŪMAINĀ SVĒTDIENA, 2023. gads, 120x80 cm, akrila krāsa uz audekla, 300€.jpg

Eduards Tutinsh' new painting collection

8 June 2023 – 16 July 2023 

In the Nosaints hidden bar, Rīga


By combining art and literature, Eduards explores personal relationships, his thoughts on the afterlife, and the essence of human existence.


After graduating from Dobele School of Art, he continued to search for his own independent creative path and arrived to a combination of neo-expressionism and romanticism styles. At just 16 years old, Eduards participated in a group exhibition at the MASA gallery. Since then, his style of expression has evolved: he delves deeper into the abyss of existentialism and climbs to higher levels of consciousness. However, observers will also notice that a source of light and love has appeared in the artist's life - someone very close to him who melts his heart. In the plots of his paintings, Eduards walks through unfamiliar streets where he encounters unfriendly creatures, contemplates morality and culture, and once again confirms the human desire for self-destruction.

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Eduards Tutinsh' art catalogue

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