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Fragment 2023 150x300 Odyssey textile paint, acrylic, tempera, coal, pencil, crayon, marke

"King of Gods and Department of Everything Else"

27 July 2023 – 25 August 2023 

MASA studija, Rīga


Exhibition "King of Gods and Department of Everything Else"

Painting exhibition by Latvian contemporary artist Rodionabstract. 

The main large work is an ‘Odyssey' through modern art styles and ideas: abstract expressionism, street art, doodles, graphic novel art, nu and others.


Works in the series are mainly painted directly with fingers, using materials such as acrylic, tempera, textile paint, watercolour, pencil, crayon, ink, gold leaf, golden, silver paste, coal and golden chrome. 


Rodion is a professional artist, journalist, graphic designer, photographer and publisher from Riga, Latvia. The works of Rodionabstract /Rodion Shehovtsov are single copies in the mind-bending abstract expressionist style. Rodion's paintings are part of Riga city's restaurants, bars, hotels interiors, private collections, as well as prominent classical and jazz musicians' album covers. His art is a vibrant and juicy reminder of the dreamlike nature of everything.

Rodionabstract art catalogue


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