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_Pushing the boundaries of the possible_ 100_150 oil on canvas.jpg

Olga Sarukhanova
"Pushing the Boundaries of the Possible"

16 November - 14 January 2023 

Nosaints hidden bar, Riga


Artist Olga Sarukhanova sees the process of creating a painting as a search, an inspiration, the emotions and the feelings. She strives to convey all this on canvas, assembling the picture like a small puzzle from various elements. For her, the main source of inspiration is people and feelings.

The artist works at will; she can go months without creating, and then make a series or several different works. She does not like sketches and prefers to spend a long time building an idea and the composition in her head, and then immediately transferring it to a canvas.

The presented series of works opens a philosophical dialogue with the viewer and is dedicated to the beauty of the human body. The curator invites viewers on a fascinating journey into the world of inspiration and emotions of Olga Sarukhanova, hoping that everyone will find something special and meaningful for themselves in her works.

Olga Sarukhanova received a professional art education at an art school in Oryol, Russia and the diploma with honors in Design from Oryol State University, Russia.

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