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Dana Sprula
"Her essence"

March 9 - April 20 , 2024

Nosaints bar


"Her Essence" is an evocative sculpture exhibition that delves into the profound narrative of womanhood through the artistic lens of Dana, a woman, daughter, and mother with an artist's soul. Dana views the female body as a form of art—each a unique, living statue that is beautiful, special, interesting, and even strange, but always exquisite. 

This exhibition is centered around the core idea that for a woman to be truly happy, healthy, and filled with life, she needs to live in her essence, embracing and loving who she is, and pursuing what makes her happy. Dana’s work is a tribute to the authentic beauty that emerges when a woman is unafraid to be herself, aiming to inspire women to remember who they were "before the world told her who she should be."

Through her art of casting bodies, Dana encourages women to see the diversity, specialty, uniqueness, and beauty inherent in each of them. This exhibition is not just a celebration of the feminine form but a deeper call to self-love and acceptance. Dana believes that a woman's sexuality is not about seducing but about being in her feminine creative power, a power that "will do all the magic if you embrace it."

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